Man as cruel as nature.

hitlerBefore I start this piece I would like take the opportunity to clear something up historically and socially. In terms of numbers society needs to get beyond the Second World War. What happened was dreadful but it was not just a punishment of the Jewish faith. Being Jewish does not define you as a nation, you are not. What you are is a person who has a faith not a country that is being invaded. You choose to be Jewish in the same way you choose to be a Baptist, Methodist, or Mormon. Not because you are born in a country but because you followed the traditions of your ancestors and didn’t bother to say no. Like any club it’s good to belong when times are good.

Am I anti-Semitic? No. My family has Jewish blood in it according to the rule about it passing down the female line, but I am not a Jew by belief. Years ago my great grandmother chose to love a gentile, an outsider, and gave up her religion because she realized that love was more than tradition. I’m also not anti-Semitic because I have been bothered to read more history books than the ones that were given to me at school. In terms of numbers the holocaust is just one of many highlights in the tradition of slaughtering those you need to control. No death is more acceptable or more forgettable than any other. Killing is killing and all the victims should be treated equally.

One of the defining moments of my own, personal belief system was a lesson on the holocaust given eloquently by Mr. Davis my history master. He pointed out that the was no one group targeted and that the war wasn’t about Germans killing Jews. It was about Germany getting rid of anyone who was seen as a threat to racial purity. Sure there was the inverted triangles to show that you were Jewish but what about the red, green, blue, purple, black, brown, and pink ones that people were made to wear? Bet they don’t teach the meaning of those in schools today. And why because its easier for us to teach hatred when we can use one group as a pity party. The others who were marked out as different suffered just as much, died just as horrifically, and for the same reason. They died for who they were, be it gypsy, mentally ill, politically different, gay, or just someone that was in the way. I repeat. No death is more acceptable or forgettable than any other.

So while the world focuses on one moment in history it fails to see the full depravity that humans can descend to and to acknowledge that its a repeating pattern. You want to argue horror and sheer violence to your fellow man go read a history book. Stalin killed tens of million in his purges but focused on the groups that we forget in the holocaust history telling. You want real depravity? Hitler didn’t come up with the idea of the concentration camp. The Polish, Americans, and British had been using them for years. Hitler particularly liked the way that my nation had used them to control populations in Africa and only added the shower sign. We just left them to starve to death. And then there is the genocide lovingly known as America the Brave. Somehow in the consciousness of Americans there is a large brush full of whitewash across the collective memory and unlike the Jews the peoples that were displaced and destroyed in the making of America are still among the poorest and worst treated. The removal of Africans during the slave trade? Let’s just consider that part of what made the empires of Europe and America what they are today? Higher numbers, still damaged nations, but its ok because it didn’t all happen in a few years with someone directed it who we could call the anti-Christ. Besides every person in the world has benefited from the suffering that built the cotton industry, the sugar trade, and please enjoy that rum your drinking it was a byproduct of the sugar trade. We build society on the death and suffering of others and its ok because it wasn’t one group that had a good publicity campaign. And its cool because the people are dead and so don’t matter any more.

If that is your belief then I am sorry for you. At the moment there are people in this world just as powerful as Hitler and his cronies who are actively seeking the destruction of large numbers of people. They are doing for specious reasons that Hitler used, “these people will damage our society”, “the undermine our ideology”, “they are not human”. And you my friends are actively supporting them. Why? Because you allow church leaders to speak out against people in the name of God and make laws that govern everyone accordingly. You quietly allow members of your own country to influence and encourage the policies of governments elsewhere in the world.

At this moment in time there is a crisis going on. The world stands on the edge of a precipice. In Uganda millions now face the removal of human rights, the fear of imprisonment because of who they love, the risk of death for wishing to behave how they know they are not how a small section of society decrees. Its not a home grown problem though. Church leaders from the richest countries such as America and England have been whipping up the hate and fanning the ideologies because they can’t do it at home. Imagine the outrage from the general population if someone said “we should intern or execute everyone homosexual in America.” Well they did it in Uganda and they got to see the people they had indoctrinated try to bring it into law.

The process has been a clever one stretching back over a hundred years. Colonize a people and teach them that Jesus was a white man. Make them believe that they are savages and have to be extreme in their religious beliefs, teach them to hate anything which is not proscribed by the church and then watch them run to please their teachers. The first native to see a missionary coming over the hill should have put a spear through his head and made sure that every one that followed got the same treatment. Those early missionaries weren’t spreading faith in Christ they were teaching colony religiosity in the same way that the romans did with the ancient Britons. Become like us they whisper and you will have civilization, you will have an afterlife, you will not die in a fiery pit that may not exist but you cant prove it doesn’t. As the colony fell and independence was regained the Ugandans didn’t go back to the old beliefs, no they were in fear of hell now and have sought guidance from those who want to peddle hate in the name of Jesus.

So now thanks to the church we face a crisis where anyone can be accused of being a homosexual and got rid of, just like those who were denounced as Jews when they weren’t. We face the imprisonment of millions, the death of who knows how many, and for what? Because men in churches in other countries have taught others to hate without logic, to fear the different and given them the power to unleash bloodshed across an entire nation. And then they will go back to their pulpit and be applauded for doing God’s work. If they were so sure they were doing God’s good work they should try it at home first and then spread the empire.

Nations are condemning, people are talking, but no one is calling it what it actually is. It is genocide. It is the destruction of people for a theory that these are not humans but sinful creatures. Its not Uganda that should be stopping it is the rest of the world forcing at gun point their religious leaders to cross the border into the country and tell the truth. That it is they who have perverted the words of their gods for the elevation of themselves and for the subjugation of millions. The pope, the archbishop of Canterbury, the chief imam all of them should be made accountable for the evil they have done in God’s name and for the organizations they represent as C.E.O. It is intolerable for any body claiming to be a member of a faith to use the phrase “there are always radicals”. You are self governing organizations. You would hate for governments to crack down on you and stop the hate speech being uttered in your name because that would be the denial of your religious freedom. Religious freedom comes at a price as do the tax benefits. It means that if you want to be left alone and allowed to worship your god leave others the fuck alone. Don’t try to influence politics to take other peoples human rights away just because you think you have a god given right to. And don’t claim to be one of the nice ones when you fail completely to pitch your pastor out of the door when he gives a hate speech towards God’s other children or tells you which way to vote. Just as the holocaust was not a racial event neither is your religion interfering in Uganda. Both are about the destruction of those who dared to think differently and both are equally as objectionable. You are all complicit in allowing genocide in your name.

Don’t believe me I leave you with words that could have come from any evangelist, any priest, any man of God be he pastor or congregation member.

“I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the almighty creator.”

The trouble is that it was Adolf who said it first they are just following in his belief.

Read your history books and understand that it is always those who are different who suffer in the name of God and not the other way around. Stop Uganda going forward with its law making against homosexuals and start living the faith you pronounce to preach.


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