The Cunning Man

The Cunning ManAll of my life I have been exposed to the concept of demons. As a young christian boy abhorrent behavior was always put down to, if not possession by demons, then certainly their malign influence. It seemed that whenever the elders of our church or my mother wanted to change something that they could not accept, it became a matter of casting out demons, of hedges of protection being laid, and Satan being defeated by the blood of Christ. The existence of demons is something that I am unwilling to debate in this article but I will confirm that I believe in them, though not in the way that Christianity, Islam, or Judaism define them. What I have to say is for the Christian who is methodist, baptist, anglican, free evangellical, catholic, et al: it is for all the tribes of Israel and all their rabbis, it is for every muslim no matter how extreme or rational they may be. It is for all people who speak the word of God and cause another person to turn away because they are not “good enough” or “not right with God.”

Tradition states that evil can’t bear the presence of anything holy, that it is powerless against the man who truly believes that he is appointed by god, that in the fight of good against evil it is the followers of God who will ultimately triumph. It also seems to be the belief that we should be wiping out as much evil as possible before the final battle to save the angels some work.I suspect the early founders of all the current major religions were all suffering from borderline personality disorders because everything is so black and white. There is no room for anything but to be good or evil, both are pejorative terms anyway, in short there is no room for humans to be as their creator made them, complicated, capable of both great positive and negative actions, and generally “human”. But the way that western society has evolved has been based upon these lines. As it spread the filth that it preached across Africa, Asia, and the Americas it infected these races as well until the whole world now looks to a small group of men who would condemn the world while hiding their own faults and laugh as the world pays them for the privilege. How else do you explain the white mentality that they are somehow entitled to the very best at the expense of every other race? It as the church that gave white men the belief that other races were some how inferior. It used phrases like the “sons of Ham” as justification. Heathen was another word that was used to justify the murder and slavery of millions, not just in Africa but everywhere that the white man set foot. Here in America and also in Australia two of the greatest acts of government and church instigated genocide has never truly been faced and answered for. In truth the crimes were so great and over such a long period that they can never be truly cleansed from the European soul. They are of another time, and at the time wise white men called the owners of all countries heathen and therefore evil so it was the command of God to bring them under his grace and love through the sword and bullet.

For me the demon who is to be most feared is not Satan or any of his cohort it is a demon who is separate and apart from the normal attacks of hell. He doesn’t need to hide because he is invited in, not only to the churches and halls of government, but he stands in pulpits and speaks claiming to be the word of God. His work is eternal and always done because he is seen to be the will of God. He is the Cunning Man and I call him out for what he is. He has older, ugly names like “xenophobia” and “racism” but he has been cunning in his ability to hide the worst of his traits so that these are not perceived. The Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims all see themselves as being the “children of God” and very quaint and cunning way to say “we are the exclusive, we are in the right, we are the truth and everything which doesn’t fit our world view is evil.” Racism without borders in fact. If you belong to the group you’re fine but we will condemn and destroy you if you fail to comply. What is tragic for me is that if each of these groups has such a fundamental truth to uphold, why is it that you get factions and different interpretations. Surely all Christians should agree on such fundamental ideas as saints, the transubstantiation, who can deliver the words of God, who can deliver communion, who has the fundamental truth, and is guarding it so zealously that no one is on the same page. The Cunning Man likes dissent among the ranks because it further hides his own work.

The Cunning Man is who possesses a man who sit in white on a golden throne, while those he is commanded to be father to, die in poverty and misery. That same man condemns about 7% of the world’s population for being homosexual and therefore evil while protecting his own ministers when they abuse children, they are corrupt, and they try to influence the lives of those who don’t even subscribe to his beliefs. The Cunning Man is in full possession of the pastor and preacher who teaches that Jesus taught a ministry of personal wealth, of condemnation of the individuals rights to their own body, that it was Jesus who needed millions of dollars in his account, a luxury car, designer clothes on his back, and to have his word spread from mega churches with all the trimmings. The Cunning Man sits inside the heart of any religious man who feels that he is justified in lobbying and paying governments to do things the righteous way. But the words of the Cunning Man are clever and seductive. They promise heaven and to be seen as righteous in the eyes of our fellow man. In the end they twist the soul because we want to belong, to know that our immortal soul is safe, and that we have made the world a better place by destroying millions who don’t conform. He is the voice inside every believer that says better not to challenge the minster because he is a man of God and if we do God himself will punish us.

A friend of mine shared a personal sadness which I see as evidence of the Cunning Man in action. She was sharing with me her anger at transvaginal probing. This practice is now law in several “Christian” states across the country with the idea being to show the woman the fetus she is about to “kill” under the guise of ascertaining it is lawful to do so. The Cunning Man is clever. He has said that abortion is wrong and man has heard his words and determined to make it as intrusive and as degrading as possible so that he can feel good about saving souls. But while he is whispering in the ear of the politician with the lips of lobbyists and ministers, he also speaks to the fears of women themselves. He makes them righteous because they are stopping the “baby killers” they are stopping the work of the “doctors of death”. Why every woman in the country wouldn’t jump up and occupy the state capitals where women were being degraded and abused is beyond me. Why a church would promote the destruction of human rights and the degredation of ALL women to promote their belief is sickening.

Wouldn’t the church be better going against their own congregations and telling them to stop polluting the air, water, and land with their factories and waste? Wouldn’t the monies spent on crystal cathedrals and Cadillacs be better spent on feeding the poor and educating the young in the ways of the world not on how they have failed to get into the next one? Wouldn’t the church be better off handing out condoms to all their young men and telling them to use them or “you’re going to hell”, rather than condemning the people who are helping people make valid personal choices to be the best that they can be. Wouldn’t the church be so much more in line with God’s teachings if it stopped allowing its ministers to interfere in politics, domestic and international, and focus on showing the world some of the love it professes to have so much of?

The Cunning Man is clever, he is seductive, he will tell you are righteous when you destroy others. And why will you do it? Why will you allow him to keep living inside you? To help him to destroy the world and prevent huge sections of humanity from finding God’s love in their own way? To feel better about yourself of course and to deceive yourself that you are assured your place because of the death you encourage. In the end religion needs to become part of this world too in order to ensure that it makes it to the next one.


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