Rats in the vestry

Just another corrupt officialTen hours ago the Department of Justice down in Washington issued a 76 count indictment against workers for the now defunct Peanut Corporation of America (P.C.A.). You might remember them as the good folks who knowingly and happily sold salmonella infected peanuts, for that extra tasty kick in your PB&J. The company went into bankruptcy after the scandal broke and its taken this long for all the evidence to be gathered and for formal prosecutions to begin. The former president and C.E.O., a food broker,an operations manager, and a receptionist/office manager/quality assurance manager are all charged and among the charges are intent to defraud or mislead, conspiracy, the deliberate introduction of misbranded and adulterated foodstuffs into the interstate commerce, and obstruction of justice. In laymen’s terms they knew they were putting peoples lives in danger, they lied about the product selling infected products to the people that used them thereby soiling their names too, they lied when they were caught, and deliberately sought to hide their crimes behind a smoke screen. Not only did their actions affect P.C.A. but there was a knock on effect to innocent manufacturers who used their products. People sought to become rich and powerful at the expense of the innocent, they destroyed the public trust by breaking the law and their own claims, and when they were caught they lied and tried to shift the blame. There’s a parable in here isn’t there? Let’s call it “The Greedy Shepherd”.

So let me begin by saying that the same things which have brought down P.C.A. have been happening for the last thousand years in the Roman Catholic church and have served as a corrupting influence for both civil governments and also other denominations to the present day. The whole system of the church is not based upon the founding faith but has rather been a dictatorship which any monarch would be envious of. For over a thousand years the Catholic leadership have not been servants of God but rather have chosen to style themselves Princes of the Church. The “monarch” that they support infact has a title of Pontife Maximus, a title used by Julius Caesar and all the Roman Emperors until Gratian gave up the title. That was the emperors but the title remained in the new regime.

For fifteen hundred years the Pope was not only a spiritual leader but a monarch in reality, the Papal States being his temporal power base complete with armies and all the diplomatic wranglings that a monarch has to do to increase his power. In 1870 when Itlay was formed as we know it today there was something of a tussle until Mussolini came along and formed the Vatican state. Once again the Pope became de-facto head of a country, as well as, head of a church that has spread its sickness throughout the world. As an interesting side note it should also be pointed out that the Basilica of St Peter’s is built on the site of the Circus of Nero a place where bloodshed was common entertainment and the obelisk which Caligula used at its center is still proudly on display in St. Peter’s square. The Roman Empire has not disappeared it has merely added Holy to the front of its name and its ruling classes still behave as though they were monarchs and princes.

If St. Peter, the true St. Peter were to return today I suspect he would be dealing with the clergy that have been more in keeping with his treatment of Simon the sorcerer than with open arms and a “well done boys”. Using the church’s own words “Peter was a fisherman” he was a simple man who had walked with Christ from the beginning to the end of his time on earth. During that brief time there had been no gold collected for palaces and the disciples are not described as wearing purple, the imperial colour, or as having formed any centralized government for the church. I suspect he would be astounded at the church which in his name commissioned the rape and pillage of South America and the slavery of Africa. He would probably be none to pleased at the instigation of an inquisition that had nothing to do with spreading the word of god but rather was about destroying the lives of those who disagreed with what the man at the top said. I suspect he would be foaming at the mouth by the time that he got down to the nitty gritty of the representatives of his church covering up the abusers of children and rather than hanging them out to dry buying a private island so they could live away from the limelight and carry on their own ways. I also think he would have gone a little bananas over the amount of gold that was coating the marble when he himself had witnessed the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Catering by Maxims was not the style on that occasion. In short he would look at the bloated and self absorbed mass of clergy and possibly ask for a gallon of petrol and a match.

There is no excuse. Over the years men have chosen to pervert the word of God and use all the tricks up their lace cuffed sleeve they can to get what they want. Christ preached that the only way to God the father was through him and yet threats of excommunication and the sale of indulgences has and is still rife in the church. Its a basic fact that you can still get to kiss a cardinal’s ring if you pay the right amount of money, cold hard cash preferred but a new window in the cathedral accepted. Where as Christ taught to heal the sick, clothe the poor and feed the hungry no self respecting man of the clothe would be seen dead in yesterdays fabrics and always asks for the best. The princes expect to be seen as such and would hate to get their little red dresses dirty by actually doing what they had been commanded to do by the man who started the whole deal.

While people are charged for the privileged of seeing the wealth that’s the Vatican, accrued honestly through stealing from the poor, slavery, genocide, and treachery, the world’s poor still struggle. When challenged to address the abuses done by the leader of the faithful Cardinal Peter Turkman chooses to scapegoat the homosexual community by claiming it is “homosexual priests” that did it. No offer to throw open the vaults and be seen to be blameless before the faithful and the world at large. Rather because this “man of God” chooses to turn a falsehood into a “fact” because he says it, he believes it will all go away again. No where does he explain why a homosexual would choose to molest a little girl. Perhaps that’s something he would care to answer. And why is the man proven to have secured all the damaging documents into a secret dossier it not available for questioning by the authorities now he is conveniently retiring? Be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what you say when you blame my community Mr Turkson before you spout the words because you are no prince to me you are just another C.E.O in the vein of the peanut merchant. Selling diseased goods as wholesome, laughing as your rake in the profits and live another day without difficult questions.

Another prince of the church chose to “forgive” those who pressed him about abuse. Cardinal Roger Mahony in fact likened himself to “Mary bearing the scandal of the cross” when it came to child abuse in the church only two days ago on his blog. Actually mate the whole “scandal of the cross” is what means you can poison the minds of your congregation and protect perverts. Without the crucifixion there would be no church. Christ HAD to die and rise again after three days in order to cement your ability to ignore and misuse the texts. This man, this prince is quoted as saying he has asked for the blessing of god and forgives those who seek justice for blaming him. Mate, let me lay it out simply. If you weren’t protected by your boss and a conspiracy of silence, if you had been a minister in a government or a manager for P.C.A. rather than a church you would have been thrown out of office, indicted, and spent the rest of your life as a social pariah at the very least. In answer to both Mr Turkson and Mr Mahony I have one thing to say. When it comes to the systematic destruction of children I would remind you of something that Christ, Peter’s boss once said. You can read it for yourself in Mark chapter 12 verse 17. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. As princes of the church you should lead by example and not only disclosed the degree of your own sin but also seek to root it out and acknowledge that you have no power over the citizens of this world. Become fishers of men and loose the princely garb. Don’t assume that you have a right to speak other than to your own membership and forbid them to influence civil laws on your behalf. Leave the homosexuals and the children alone and realize it is the world that should be praying for God’s blessing and the ability to forgive you for over a millennium of abusing the people of this world. You have cast us into a it where none should be, ou have enslaved us, condemned us, robbed us, encouraged others to kill us because you believe you are right. That is your faith not mine and you have no right to decide where my soul will go. I choose to look to Christ and see him as the path to God and heaven.

If St. Peter came down to earth today he would be interested in the struggle of the average man, woman, and child to live a moral and non-damaging life but in a compassionate, Christ-like way, but I know he would be picking up the matches to rid his vestry of the rats that are poisoning the word of God for profit. I always liked Peter. He got it wrong but he was willing to get physical when he needed to.


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