Will Someone Please Change The Record.

broken_record_by_brokenchar-d39gjgaFor too long there has been a culture of misdirection when it comes to the behaviour of all the monotheistic religions. There has been an acceptance that the wrongs committed, and the wrongs still being committed, are somehow in the jurisdiction of the people who are committing the crimes. When we try to talk about genocide, rape, pillaging, murder, and a whole host of crimes against humanity there is a mumbled “not all (insert believer type here) are like that.” So we allow them to continue and lives continue to be blighted.

It seems that the general rule is that there are a few bad apples that are ruining life for everyone else, but in the end no one seems to be doing anything to actively stop them. It’s really rather like a wife watch her husband bludgeon the children to death but instead of stopping him, she pours herself another drink to make it all go away. Slowly, as it happens again and again, it seems that apathy or numbness must kick in because the drinks keep coming and no one raises a hand to defend the kids. Every day a minister, or a cardinal, or a rabbi, or an imam feels justified in speaking publicly about the way that other people live, condemning them, and no one says anything. When challenged individually why they don’t the usual answer is “that’s not what I believe” but still these people are given air to breathe.

I can put it even simpler. If you would choose the words of a man in a pulpit over your child’s right to live a fulfilling life then you don’t deserve the child. If you choose to pin your hopes on getting into heaven rather than loving your child you are selfish beyond words. If you choose to put your child through “corrective therapy” or “pray away the gay” then you are a child abuser and deserve to have your child taken away. You fail to see that you are destroying a life that has been formed perfectly for it’s unique purpose. There are no apologies possible for that and no you can’t look to heaven for forgiveness till you admit and stop your guilty behaviour. Whether it is your religious leader or you who condemns, it is you who is guilty by not saying “stop”. No assurance of your acceptability for heaven, no claim you are following the word of God, will convince me that your belief is worth a teenager taking their life, when you didn’t stop the words being spoken that drove them to death. If you think it should then you are more selfish than I imagined you. Grow a backbone or openly confess you don’t care if your hild lives or dies.

So take your men of God and cast them out of society, because if you don’t preach equality and love for ALL humans you are not a person of faith. Instead you are self-serving and selfish. All you want is your own golden ticket into paradise. In a way that’s fine because at least you are being truthful.

Religion no longer requires apologists it needs people who are willing to change the record for the better.


One response to “Will Someone Please Change The Record.

  1. Within the religious community there are a variety of groups and denominations that are explicitly inclusive. Some liberal Protestant denominations, such as UCC, are very inclusive. The New Thought movement (Centers for Spiritual Living, Unity) are also completely inclusive and explicitly anti-discrimination, with many LGBTQ ministers and staff. My wife, who is a Unity minister, remarked that in ministerial school half her classmates were refugees from bigoted denominations, as was the Executive Director of the school, and in a sense we were grateful for them sending their best people our way. Not grateful for the abuse that they suffered, though.

    I see a lot of religion-blaming in the atheist and LGBTQ community, obviously. But much of it mistakes justification for cause. Bigots will be bigots, and if they can use religion to make themselves feel righteous, they will. If not, they’ll use some other reason. But bigotry is not foundational to religion, in fact it’s just the opposite. But in Christianity, with a source book 2-3,000 years old written by a couple dozen authors, you can pick and choose to prove just about anything.

    There are lots of allies within the religious community in the battle for equality. Let’s work together.

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