The secret of war lies in the communications.

world wide webThere is a shift happening in the world at the moment towards extremes. The divide between rich and poor, educated and uneducated, fed and unfed is growing and slowly we are seeing those with the most removing more and more from those with the least. We are becoming a world where Gordon Gekko’s line about “greed is good” can be seen in every aspect of our lives and it is becoming harder and harder for an individual to live.

This division is not only happening on a material level though. We are seeing the social liberties being eroded by those living in the freest societies. While some countries choose to rectify the injustices of the past towards the LGBTQ community others are taking increasingly violent attitudes. The United States is slowly crawling, state by state, towards a fairer and more equal tomorrow but others seek to control who and how their citizens can love and live. Should we be concerned? Perhaps.

In the end for those of us living in “safe” environments where our base liberties are taken for granted there is no real pressure to raise a finger in support of others. How we view ourselves if we do nothing says a lot about our morality be we gay or straight. Because someone has freedom of speech in their own country does not mean they should have the freedom to spread their hate unchallenged in another one.

It’s been common practice for the Christian church to feel that it has the right to judge societies across the globe for centuries. That which as different was designated immoral, heathen, barbaric, and therefore to be destroyed. We have seen the destruction of towns, cities, countries, cultures and peoples in the name of a God who no one has yet managed to show any proof of the existence of. Two thousand years of Christian manipulation and no pope or minister has been able to do any more than the ancient Greek high priest who would interpret natural phenomenon such as earthquakes as the judgement of an angry god. After all that was heathen superstition whereas belief in the Christian god is a mark of civilized humanity…… still they do seem to like blaming natural disasters on the perceived wickedness of those they can’t control.

That’s not saying a person doesn’t have the right to a personal faith, but rather to say that genocide and social manipulation in the name of an unprovable entity is repugnant and extremely suspect. It’s not as if the Christian church can even agree on basics like how a service should be run, so the idea that any one individual can claim to know the mind of God and his will for every individual is a little ridiculous. Perhaps we should allow each individual to find their own path with their God rather than impose a one world view through tainted legislation and warped belief in our own righteousness.

1098495_10153121067050585_122115785_nWhether or not we have a personal faith there is a moral duty to our fellow man which extends beyond national or religious boundaries. In the second world war the news of what was happening to the Jews was hidden. Rumours abounded but even within the country itself people did not have a clear idea of what was happening until it had become too late for millions. This is no longer the case.

With modern technology we do know, and can find out the truth of what is happening in places like Uganda and Russia. We can clearly demonstrate the actions of people living in the UK and the USA and the results of the Christian agenda that they seek to spread. So we have the responsibility to choose whether to ignore what’s happening or prevent atrocities being committed in the name of a god. How much greater is the responsibility is there for those who claim to believe in the same god to do something to prevent bloodshed? The same patterns that were enacted towards homosexuals in the 1930s and 40s are being seen again. We forget in the horror of the treatment of the Jews that homosexuals were destroyed too and for the same reasons. The removal of rights, the demonisation of a group of people, state sanctioned violence towards those groups, laws changed to protect those that do violence, are all steps towards the new Christian world order and follow the prescribed path used by Hitler.

To say that the violence and human rights abuses in both Uganda and Russia are religious in their origin rather than political can be easily demonstrated. The clearest indication is the work of a man called Scott Lively who under the guise of expressing his personal belief has engaged with politicians and social leaders in both countries to demonize the LGBTQ community. In his own words, both printed and spoken, he has described my community without any facts, as genocidal and paedophilic. The LGBTQ community in his mind is as dangerous as the Nazis (particularly emotive to a Russian) and the Rwandans (again extremely emotive to a Ugandan) and he has used this premise as part of his missionizing to these countries. Indeed he is now seeking to rewrite history with his book “The Pink Swastika”. Though intelligent people and eminent scholars dismiss it as a work of fiction he still teaches those who are willing to hate that the Nazi party was in fact the work of homosexuals. How odd that he is copying a Nazi, Goebbels the propaganda minister, in the ways he seeks to spread his agenda. Cause division through lies and hate. Violence by the people will quickly follow.

scott livelyThe pattern of visiting somewhere to spread his views followed by that same country criminalizing a community seems to be something of a theme in Mr Lively’s travels. First Uganda now Russia so be careful if he holidays in a country near you.

His rebuttal is that he is merely offering an opinion, that he is teaching his personal belief, but there is no responsibility taken for the outcome of his actions and it’s very interesting that he seems to be moving internationally in the face of failing to achieve his agenda at home. In the land of the free he has failed and so he has sought out regimes where there is a desire by the government to control the people. The shame on America is that this country has given him the right to do so through the Freedom of Speech which it grants its people.

Mr Lively is currently on trial for his actions in Uganda and the “Christian” community has remained remarkably quiet to condemn or support him in the process. For a worldwide brotherhood that all follow the teachings of the same God I find this remarkable. This little man who seems so full of hate, who is unrepentant that his words have caused fear, injury, and death, has no bishops, no cardinals, no popes or Archbishops speaking on his behalf at the trial. No recognized authority within the church community is standing alongside him. They may secretly be jealous he has been successful where they are failing but in public they are completely silent. In the end he is an unelected, private individual, who has no governmental sanction from the country he is a citizen of, who has gone out into the world and sought to mould it to his own unprovable belief system. The trouble is that the rest of his community and the world in general are more worried in maintaining Mr Lively’s personal liberties than protecting those of international communities. His right to free speech seems to trump the rights o countless others to breath.

So what can be done? On an individual level very little. There will always be hate mongers and there will always be fertile minds which are ripe for seeding with that hate. On a political front perhaps the best way to stop these people is with legislation. To amend the right to freedom of speech so that legally recognized social, not religious, groups are not abused would be a start. It may be a brave politician who introduces it but there is a need in this digital age to stop individuals from destroying communities. This would pave the way to allowing criminal cases to be brought here against individuals such as Mr Lively who seek to impose belief instead of fact on societies, especially that belief isn’t their own. It is only in the law that we can truly stop a person from pursuing a personal hate campaign.

Neither Russia or Uganda are true democracies and both have a need to control a population. The Russian States have fractured with a scramble for the resources which were once under the direct control of the Kremlin. The African continent, so abused religiously and socially by the western world, has been left wounded and poor. Both are ripe for a group of people to be used as scapegoats and in using the LGBTQ community they can. The likes of Mr Lively feel justified when they see their belief vindicated by a country, but then so did Goebbels when he gave Hitler the means to use the Jews, the homosexuals, the mentally and physically infirm, and the poets and dreamers.

The tragedy of it is that for Mr Lively there will be no glorious position in the new world order he helped created. He has been a pawn, used for his hate mongering and baseless beliefs, so that politicians can control the thought processes and lives of their people. What a legacy. But it is one that he must be held morally and legally accountable for.

Perhaps it is time for people to use the communications that he does and demand our elected officials bring these individuals to heel. That’s after all what congressmen are for. Otherwise they do speak for you both as individuals and as countries.

“The secret of war lies in the communication.” – Napoleon



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