With no apologies to Dodgson……

Sure he would approve. Here’s my reworking of the tale of the Walrus and the Carpenter.

A time is happening in this land
Happening before your eyes
When people are awakening demanding back their lives
From men of god and men of state, and breaking down old lies
No more is it seen reasonable to judge another man
According to an ancient book or because you want his land.

The people stand here sulkily
Because we understand
You have no reason in our lives
Dictating as you do
The way we are, the way we die, the way the way we live our lives
It is not fair to judge the world through only your own mind

The time has come, the people said to talk of many things
Of why you feel your truth is right and other ways are sins,
And how the truth is really lost
and lies are made to sing
As though you were the only thing
That made this planet spin.

The native and the two spirit
The woman and the child
The pagan and the churchman too
Have equal rights to you
So bite your tongue and make it bleed before you judge their life
Because unless you change your ways you may be left behind.

So listen to me now I pray
And bear this truth in mind
All men and women, that now breathe
Are born of equal line
The human is important and nothing more than that
Matters in this time and age. We’re running out of time.

Do what you can to see them live
In equal peace to you
If someone falls then pick them up
As others do for you
Remember you’re a human first before politics or faith
And if you can be human first this world will do just great.


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