Demons as angels of light – How we’re being lied to about going green.

new-years-eve-times-squareWhen you look at the current trend in the “green” movement objectively a worrying trend is beginning to emerge. The simplest way to explain what I’m talking about is to take you for a walk through Times Square. It’s bright, it’s busy, it’s definitely noisy, and night and day it bustles with every kind of human, which is why it earned the nickname “the crossroads of the world”. But in microcosm the crossroads of the world illustrates the moral and environmental issues that the green movement has to address and which are quietly being brushed under the carpet by the money men.

26bulbs-span-articleLargeWith our example of Times Square it’s the light which is the key to how we are being misled and diverted from the real issues. Times Square is in essence all about the light. Thousands of bulbs go to make up the show which is at the heart of what the area is. Advertising for theatres and products are the draw for tourists who then spend their money to keep the merchants smiling. In the end it’s all about the money and everyone is invested in keeping Times Square running. The tourists want it because it entertains them. The merchants want it because they get rich. The city wants it because more tourists mean more money sent and more taxes collected from the merchants and the workers. All because of light. Take the light away and the whole thing would collapse. The tourists,the merchant,the city, the money,because something you can’t hold is gone.

If light were oil then Times Square would be the EXXON Valdez of pollution sources. All those bubs and screens, all guzzling power, and leaving a carbon trail in their manufacture and use. All of them blazing away and needed to be fueled by power stations. All of them from the glass, the plastic, and the metal that go into making them causing landscapes to be mined, materials to be refined, trucked and processed with the ensuing waste and energy used, then shipped again to New York. All of those bulbs and all of that pollution are so that someone can come from Nebraska and take a picture. But men and the city grow rich so it’s all ok. Besides the only pollution in Times Square is light and heat, the truck fumes, waste from the factories, and the mining all happen in someone else’s backyard.

enbridge-rowatt-station-saskSo what if we mounted a campaign to replace all the bulbs with the new technologies? For New York the picture would seem to remain rosy. The new bulbs would require less energy so would cost less to run. The tourists would still come to take their photo and spend their money. The merchant would make more profits and the city would make its taxes. There can be no downside for the city that goes green. But without also changing the mining processes, the way we process raw materials and dispose of the waste, if we can’t look hard at the materials we choose, unless we change the way they are transported and the way that we power the bulbs then any change is only for a small group while the rest still suffer.

This is the model that’s occurring and we are being spoon fed the lie that we are making a difference. The money made in Times Square is cents on the dollar compared to what the mining and power companies make and make in the same old dirty ways. Even if every town and city in America and Canada changed to energy efficient bulbs but we didn’t change the way the electricity was produced to run them then we would still find ourselves with the same old problems. Oil, coal, and gas aren’t clean to extract, they’re certainly not clean to burn, and we come back to the filth created both in the air and physical waste. There would still be a need for these materials and so the fracking and the pipelines would by extension have to continue. The energy efficient bulb becomes pointless because it still causes the pollution of rivers and thousands of acres of land.

Section of pipe from Kalamazoo spill c National Transportation Safety BoardExisting pipelines, according to the Government’s own regulatory body, spilled an estimated 3.1 million gallons of hazardous liquids across the United States. Occasionally when it flooded a town or community with oil it was reported, but the majority isn’t because no one lost their homes. Instead it merely leaks or floods soil and nobody gets told about it. It’s not just through breaks in the pipe though. Joints leak all the time and no one seems to go and fix them. Pollution it seems has acceptable limits and the companies that let them leak seem to feel that their profits mean they don’t have to understand the word “zero”. We know these pipes leak, the companies that own them know they leak, and our elected officials in Washington and Toronto know they leaks yet still they are being touted as the only way to live as we have been. But this is the crux of my whole argument. Can we live for even another decade in the ways we have been? If we keep allowing the pipes to leak we allow the money men to control our lives.

The most excellent way to make money from someone and keep doing what you want is to threaten to take away the toys that you’ve convinced them they need. It runs something like this. “You like your laptop, the light you leave on when you go out, the oven to cook your food, and all those televisions, phones, and everything else you plug in so you need our electricity. If you want electricity we’ll sell it to you but don’t ask how it’s produced and don’t even think of ask us to stop using the materials we make the most money from.” So new technology is born and even comes with a sticker proclaiming (like the bulbs we put into Times Square) that it’s energy efficient, but the energy remains as dirty as ever. A bright shine has been put on a lifestyle which remains as dirty and polluting as ever.

li-nwt-enbridge-cleanup-moses-1105What’s truly needed isn’t an just the investment in new technologies such as solar and wind from governmental level down to the consumer who uses it. What is needed is a change in mindset across the board about what energy is and how we make and use it. Not only do we need to demand that we change from oil to sun or gas to wind power energy productions but we also have to demand that the price charged is reflected in that change. We have to demand And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of is recognized at government level that nobody can own the sun or the wind and so what is paid for is the process not the resource. We must also demand that if somebody wishes to produce their own that there is no charge to them for doing so. Once someone has bought the equipment and paid the taxes on it there should be no further cost to the consumer. After all does Con Edison pay taxes on their generators? Already we’re seeing the a backlash with states imposing taxes and restriction on not just private energy but banning people from using their own gardens as vegetable plots.What’s the betting that it’s the energy company lobbyists who are buying up your right to be self sufficient?

If we all don’t demand change in the way we produce, use, and understand the true costs of energy then we all accept and condone the Times Square model. In doing that we find ourselves filling the merchant’s and city’s pockets at the expense of ourselves and those whose lives the pipelines run through. And we send a resounding message to our children that the planet they will inhabit was worth ruining so we could keep the lights burning 24 hours a day.

“And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” King James Bible 2 Corinthians 11:14



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