My truth

It will start with a war over oil. Men will find that the reserves they thought would last forever are coming to an end and so there will be a rush to claim the last few barrels. Soldiers will start the process. The Middle East will be invaded and the flags of America and Europe will be planted on the oil wells. But this is just the beginning of the end. This is the overture to the wonderful moment that Jesus comes back to take us home.

Don’t get me wrong. Lots of you will fail in the process. Not all of you will be as good as you need to be or as strong. Jesus will choose some of you but some of you are going to fail, some of you will find the fun you can have in this world too tempting. We’ll pray for you but only the very few will be chosen because the devil will find his way into your hearts in innocent ways and you will look back to find you rejected Jesus. And in hurting him he will reject you.

As countries fall then superpowers will rise. Countries will be lost in the need to form alliances to keep us going. Dictators are coming. Men who will turn from the word of God and allow the people to sin to keep themselves in power. The thief and the prostitute, the homosexual and the moneymen will all be allowed to pollute the world celebrating their evil and acknowledging satan as their master. It will be a time when men will turn from God to live like animals. They’ll not stop at sex out of marriage but move onto their own sex, onto animals, onto children like you. They will take what they want and not care because satan is in their hearts and they are bringing his kingdom to the earth. They will know no shame, they won’t stop so long as it feels good. They will laugh as they hurt the children of God and they will seek more and more ways to spit in God’s face.This will be the testing time for all of us when we have to prove that we are true for God and not sinners. Oh. it will be so hard but we have to be strong. We know that God will conquer and we know that he will take his faithful children home.

In time things will become worse. Where soldiers had occupied the world bombs will start to fall. Atomic bombs that will melt the faces of men, women, and children turning them to dust and turning the seas to blood. Imagine it. Seeing the faces of the people you love, your mum and dad’s face melting, your sister and your brother’s face. All of them melting as your own melts too. It’s going to be horrible but not the worst because those of us who have been strong in Jesus will know we are going home before the worst can happen. If we die at that time we’ll be the chosen ones who get to heaven first. The ones who see the glory of the final battle and the ones who will be safe by Jesus side.

After the bombs have fallen there will be one final age. It will be the age of Babylon. Because governments will have been destroyed a new world order will arise to bring satan fully to power. They will control everything. The food, the water, the jobs, the electricity, every movement of the people left. They will take away money and have a system where you can’t do anything without their mark. They’ll force everyone to be tattooed, right here on your forehead and here on your wrist, so you will always be seen to be part of the group. This is going to be so hard for us. If we take the mark we’ll be able to work, able to feed our families, able to live without being hurt and hunted by the police, but we’ll be damned because it’s what’s called the mark of the beast. They won’t put 666 on your head like it says in the bible it will be a code which tells them exactly who you are and everything about you. It will be a sign you belong to the devil and Jesus won’t touch you then. So I’m sorry but you will have to watch your family starve and you’ll always have to be on the run from those men. They’ll hunt us down with guns and dogs because their masters who belong to the devil will tell them to.

This will also be the time of the false prophets. The ones who speak as though they speak for God but really are encouraging people to sin. They’ll tell you Jesus says its ok to take the mark if we take it to feed and house others and protect them. They’ll speak for the men in control and take our names to them. We will have to choose whether we are willing to be martyrs for Jesus or give in to evil. Lots of those who say they’re Christian will fall at this point. They are the chaff that Jesus will winnow away through testing and when they give in, even if one of them takes the mark to feed his family then Jesus will turn his face away from him and cast him into hell where he belongs.

Finally when all the weak and pretend christians have shown their true colours then Jesus will come to claim his own. He will descend on this earth and take his faithful children home to heaven where they will be blessed. They will be able to stand at the edge of a chasm and see the people they knew, even members of their family, who failed to honor Jesus writhing around in the fire forever and know that they deserved it.

It will be amazing. They will burn eternally feeling the pain and watching their skin blister but they will never die. The ones who gave themselves over to wrongful lust will be covered in feces and pus. The ones who wanted to be powerful and take control we’ll watch whipped until all the skin falls from their body and then the whipping will continue. Every knife that was pushed into a christian will be pushed slowly into them. There will be no part of their body which doesn’t show the shame of what they did to the Children of God. Even those people who we loved because we were human we will rejoice in the punishment of, because they chose sin over life eternal. We’ll laugh at them for their stupidity, their willful choosing pleasure over God. And every day we’ll be blessed to walk in the garden of heaven and know that we were the ones who God chose and who suffered but became more than kings.

These words aren’t fiction. This was what they told a little boy of 9 at bible camp. Me. These are the words they used, the story they told, and I can still see the faces of the two people who told this to me. I still feel the fear and have the nightmares. This is my childhood truth. This was in fact the death of my childhood, my teenage years, and the death of my adulthood until I chose to see the words for what they truly were. Designed to destroy the man by killing the child.
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